new painting: Frost


Today, I got up early and started painting, even before having breakfast!

I don’t often use watercolor but it is much more practical than getting out my acrylic paints, so perfect for an early start. This is how it all began, some blue sky, blue fields and some trees coming along.

In this slideshow you can see how the painting progressed. In between slides I had a big yummy breakfast, went for a long walk in the cold, had lunch and many many cups of various tea. I’ve been battling a cold recently so I’ve been having hot fresh ginger, honey and lemon drinks as well as my all time favorite … green tea :).

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Here are some close-ups of the finished piece. You literally feel cold just looking at it. My only disappointment here is that I wasn’t able to make the painting look more ‘sunny’. Winter sun is so bright, it would be good if I could bring that across more. Painting light well is probably the hardest lesson to learn in painting and I haven’t mastered it yet!

Ta-da, this is what it looks like in all its glory! 😉

I like the result and I especially love the fact that I can paint a watercolor painting in half a day, that’s a mayor benefit when it’s Sunday and you’re not sure when you’ll get round to painting again. Therefore, I think I’ll be practicing my watercolor skills and hopefully use them more in the future. I’ll be on the lookout for more wintery frosty cold sceneries to paint but secretly, I am hoping that spring will come early this year.

Ok, it’s nearly 5pm and I’ll have to make a pot of English tea now! No matter how long I live away from the UK, I don’t think I’ll ever get over 5 o’clock teatime.


bridal illustration

Recently, I have become more interested in illustration and aim to practice some techniques. Also recently, after getting engaged at the beginning of the year (yippii!), I have  started thinking about wedding stuff… and really love this look.

I suppose drawing and then painting it has made me like it even more… I wonder whether I could pull this one off?! 🙂