fall and a collection of taps

Good evening! Going for a sunset walk is always great but when it’s fall and the sun shines its golden light onto endless rows of vines, it’s a real treat. This evening I went for a long walk around my Swiss home, the air was so cold it burned my lungs but it was just too beautiful to stay inside.

You can see how low the sun was from my veeeeery long shadow! Haha, I wish my legs were that long.

And here are some of the photos I took for you to see. I love how only the lower leaves of the vines are turning yellow and now and again you see a leaf that’s golden brown.

I’m really getting into the mood for fall at the moment, as you might have noticed! A good friend of mine made some amazing roasted chestnuts for me this morning… incredible. Chestnuts and a cup of tea make for a very cosy combination when it’s pouring with rain outside all morning.

Well, back to my walk. I have realized that the vineyards are full of taps. Most of them are old and rusty and are actually quite interesting. I came across one that looked kind of blue as well as quite a few that were dripping. I hope you’re also enjoying fall, let me know what you think!


tiny new studio corner!

Moving to a new home is always exciting but when you’re moving to a cute little flat in the Swiss vineyards it’s suuuper exciting 🙂

I have also finally managed to find a tiny corner in our new bedroom to call my own. Okay, I do also need some dedicated painting space but this is a start. I won’t have to tidy up my arty stuff all the time and I certainly have enough space to paint some small canvases. However, I will be searching for a larger studio in the coming months!