some great Etsy finds! ‘Caribbean Dream’

I have made a collection of some great Caribbean-inspired Etsy items. They will make you dream of a beach vacation and soft blue tones!

Take a look by clicking on following link 🙂


succulent in blue jar

This beautiful small painting is now available in my shop!

I love succulents, they remind me of California. They are perfect plants, so easy to look after, pretty AND prickly! And there are sooo many different types!


And here are some photos showing the process of painting this! I started off drawing the chevron pattern in pencil, then coloured it in light grey and then drew out the jar and succulent. I painted the jar first and then every leaf individually. I love the fresh happy colours!

Beautiful Lake Geneva

The last two days I have had family visiting me in Switzerland, so I have been busy showing them around. The Lake Geneva region is so stunning, I just have to share some of the photos I took with you!

The amazing thing is that here Swiss perfection meets French charme and it works!

my first painting post!

After having posted photos of Barbados, I have decided to introduce you to one of my most recent paintings!

I painted it as a present to my fiance after he told me that Barbados was where he decided to marry me. He eventually proposed on a similarly wind-swept beach in Scotland.


The inspiration for this painting came from two photos I took at the beach of which one of them is shown in my previous post. I am totally in love with that house overlooking the beach, it must have a stunning view.

Let me know what you think!