sin or genius? messing with English tea culture…


Is English tea really just meant to be paired with biscuits? 

I grew up in London, drinking large amounts of English Breakfast Tea, occasionally accompanied by scones, biscuits or chocolates. When my family moved to Germany we incorporated German cakes (fruity or creamy cakes) into our weekend 5pm tea-routine which already seems ‘far-out’ to me sometimes. Ok, obviously not every weekend, that wouldn’t have been a good for our shapes & sizes!

Well, recently we discovered something new … Japanese tea cakes. There’s an extremely cute patisserie in Frankfurt, Germany called iimori. It’s a French-style Bakery downstairs and a Japanese restaurant upstairs. They sell your average cakes, croissants and bread BUT they also sell some Japanese cakes.

Above are photos of their green tea tartlet and green tea chiffon cake. They are all very yummy yummy… but have we gone too far? Is it a sin to pair English Breakfast Tea with French/German/Japanese cakes?

Or is it genius?

I’m wondering whether some elderly ladies living in the lovely English countryside would shake their heads disapprovingly.

Does English tea culture really exist anymore anyway? And btw what do the Japanese drink with their cakes or are they meant as deserts??