Let’s Get Lost

And another collage! This time inspired by traveling. I love linocut printing and I had some old linocut stamps of keys, suitcases and a globe. I also found this piece of beige card stock which just looks so vintage 🙂

Let’s get lost… I often feel like I’ve already gotten lost… how did I end up here in this village doing this? 🙂 Life is so crazy anyway but if I was going to really let everything here go, I suppose I would choose some remote farm in a hot country and live a lonely life surrounded only by animals and wilderness … how cliche for an artist HAHA!

If you could get lost, where would you go?

This original collage is available in my shop.


French Collage

Ok, so this collage doesn’t really go with the season, autumn is coming here and it’s getting cold. However, the collage shows lavender, half a mason jar and bicycles… ups.

Well, now and again I have a day where I try to refresh my French speaking skills. Today is such a day. On the weekend, I borrowed a French learning booklet from a friend so I’ve been reading that!

And I guess French reminds me of Provence, lavender and bicycles 🙂

This original mixed media collage is available in my shop.