Island Paradise Barbados

woohoo I hope you’re feeling as dreamy as I am!

Just looking through the photos I took of my holiday to Barbados makes my mind drift to  island paradises far far away.

Barbados is one of a few places I have visited that is stunningly beautiful without trying whatsoever. The sand is white, the sea blue and filled with corals and funny fish. We were even able to swim to an area where large nosy turtles joined us! The Barbadians are lovely people that enjoy chatting to tourists and sharing their stories. The two coastlines are very different. The wind-swept East Coast has rough seas and lush vegetation, whereas the West Coast is more popular with tourists due to its calm sea.


As you can probably tell, some of my favourite photos are of an artist (like me!). This young man with his amazing bright turquoise T-shirt set up his painting utensils right in front of me on the beach. The fact that he is painting in similar turquoise colours makes the scene even more stunning. All around him you can see the fruits of the Manchineel tree which according to the sign are poisonous!

Well, I definitely recommend visiting Barbados and I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my gallery.

How about we try to collect some other great island paradise destinations here?! I would love to know where you have been and what was great about it!