London is always a good idea

Hey everyone, once again I’ve been hiding in London.

I visited my sister and godmother in central London which is always amazing… London is always a good idea! The weather was pretty bad (no surprise there) but I enjoyed it anyway and tried to spend as much time as possible inside. Highlights of the trip included visiting a Christmas Fair and looking around the Christmas section at Liberty.


Good Old London

I spent the last couple of days in London. I’ve visited quite often during the last years and grew up there. Despite so many years of living in other places, it still feels like coming home every time!

Wandering around Soho and Mayfair, I tried to capture some of the atmosphere on camera. What really makes London are the small things that are so difficult to capture… the cups of tea, the waiting chauffeurs in Mayfair’s Bentleys, the hidden cafes and its stylish inhabitants.

One of my favourite places is Kingly Court in Soho (the small outdoor courtyard in one of the pictures). The shops here are always changing and include some vintage boutiques, bridal stuff and a nice cafe. This was also where I indulged in that red velvet cupcake!

Btw I was sooo excited to shop at Anthropologie 🙂

I would love to hear about your favourite bits of London?!