my first post!

Wow this is exciting, my first post!

To get things started, I want to share one of my DIY projects with you. It’s a clock that is now hanging in my parents’ house. I guess a clock is an appropriate choice for my first post since it’s about time I shared my creative journey with you.

The best thing about it is the clicking sound it makes!



I made it by cutting out the clock shape from a large sheet of foamy plastic, including the hands. I bought a small clockwork that I was able to push through the middle of the clock and attach the hands to. Then I covered the whole thing with paper mache which gives it that amazing crunchy texture!

After having painted the whole thing red, I lightly brushed golden paint over it using a large rough brush. I find it pretty astonishing that it actually works properly, I did have to tamper with the weight of the hands though.

Let me know what you think! Any ideas what other colours or textures would look just as good?