Let’s Get Lost

And another collage! This time inspired by traveling. I love linocut printing and I had some old linocut stamps of keys, suitcases and a globe. I also found this piece of beige card stock which just looks so vintage 🙂

Let’s get lost… I often feel like I’ve already gotten lost… how did I end up here in this village doing this? 🙂 Life is so crazy anyway but if I was going to really let everything here go, I suppose I would choose some remote farm in a hot country and live a lonely life surrounded only by animals and wilderness … how cliche for an artist HAHA!

If you could get lost, where would you go?

This original collage is available in my shop.


abstract fun

Now and again I come across an abstract painting that I love. However, I haven’t really painted much abstract and therefore haven’t got any practice. Yesterday I decided to change that and actually like the results. It’s so fun to do something colorful and cheerful!

I doubt I’ll ever become an abstract painter but let me know what you think!

Indian Elephant painting

A new painting! It’s acrylic on paper for a change. I enjoy painting on paper now and again, it feels so much more relaxed than canvas. Painting on canvas, I sometimes feel that  the painting has to turn out really well and put more pressure on myself. Obviously, in the end no painting is ever perfect anyway.

My parents have always had a painting of an Indian elephant hanging in their home and it is probably my favourite painting of theirs. My elephant painting is much brighter and more colourful than theirs but I think it also has that old-worldy feel of colonialism and places far away!

It will be up for sale in my shop soon.

some close-ups:

succulent in blue jar

This beautiful small painting is now available in my shop!


I love succulents, they remind me of California. They are perfect plants, so easy to look after, pretty AND prickly! And there are sooo many different types!


And here are some photos showing the process of painting this! I started off drawing the chevron pattern in pencil, then coloured it in light grey and then drew out the jar and succulent. I painted the jar first and then every leaf individually. I love the fresh happy colours!

painting berries

There are paintings (like this one) when I actually think I’m getting better at realistic painting. However, sometimes I’m painting something and it looks nothing like the ‘real deal’. Well, I guess that’s the whole idea of painting anyway. If I really wanted to capture reality, then I should be focusing on photography!

Soo … this is it, my most recent painting. A cherry and two blueberries lying in a puddle of water.


And here’s a photo of my partners in crime, the cherries! DSC01509

chasing cars …

Cars are a challenge to paint.

I must admit this painting is not one of my recent ones. However, it is one of my most cherished and therefore deserves to be posted as one of my first posts.

When we will settle in a new home of our own again, I will be able to hang it up on a wall where it belongs. I think it would go very well in my fiancé’s future home office!

my first painting post!

After having posted photos of Barbados, I have decided to introduce you to one of my most recent paintings!

I painted it as a present to my fiance after he told me that Barbados was where he decided to marry me. He eventually proposed on a similarly wind-swept beach in Scotland.


The inspiration for this painting came from two photos I took at the beach of which one of them is shown in my previous post. I am totally in love with that house overlooking the beach, it must have a stunning view.

Let me know what you think!

my first post!

Wow this is exciting, my first post!

To get things started, I want to share one of my DIY projects with you. It’s a clock that is now hanging in my parents’ house. I guess a clock is an appropriate choice for my first post since it’s about time I shared my creative journey with you.

The best thing about it is the clicking sound it makes!



I made it by cutting out the clock shape from a large sheet of foamy plastic, including the hands. I bought a small clockwork that I was able to push through the middle of the clock and attach the hands to. Then I covered the whole thing with paper mache which gives it that amazing crunchy texture!

After having painted the whole thing red, I lightly brushed golden paint over it using a large rough brush. I find it pretty astonishing that it actually works properly, I did have to tamper with the weight of the hands though.

Let me know what you think! Any ideas what other colours or textures would look just as good?