abstract fun

Now and again I come across an abstract painting that I love. However, I haven’t really painted much abstract and therefore haven’t got any practice. Yesterday I decided to change that and actually like the results. It’s so fun to do something colorful and cheerful!

I doubt I’ll ever become an abstract painter but let me know what you think!


Indian Elephant painting

A new painting! It’s acrylic on paper for a change. I enjoy painting on paper now and again, it feels so much more relaxed than canvas. Painting on canvas, I sometimes feel that  the painting has to turn out really well and put more pressure on myself. Obviously, in the end no painting is ever perfect anyway.

My parents have always had a painting of an Indian elephant hanging in their home and it is probably my favourite painting of theirs. My elephant painting is much brighter and more colourful than theirs but I think it also has that old-worldy feel of colonialism and places far away!

It will be up for sale in my shop soon.

some close-ups:

painting: blue bottle

Just 10 minutes ago I finished this painting and couldn’t wait to post it here!

Sadly, the photo doesn’t do it justice at all, somehow I couldn’t get the light right today…

I love love love blue glass everythings! I’m actually collecting jars and painting them blue because I want more blue glass around. This particular bottle was always blue, has a beautiful turquoisy colour and usually sits on a window sill in my old room. It’s always good to paint things that have sentimental value!

I painted it from a photo I took a while ago, it’s acrylic on canvas and 90 x 70 cm (35″ x 28″).

This painting is available in my shop! www.etsy.com/shop/RosannaBurford?ref=si_shop


I’d love to hear what you think, hope you’re having a great Friday!