seahorse for my little sister

What to paint for your little sister when going to visit her? I thought about this for a surprisingly long time and then opted for a seahorse, she needs something bright and beautiful on her walls.

Seahorses are so cute and come in many colors, it’s crazy… They are also very mysterious!


old painting: Passion Flower

This is an old painting of mine, actually about 4 years old! I love the colours and the blurry background. Hope you like it 🙂

painting: ‘Floristry’

I have always admired florists for their beautiful work. Flower shops are some of my favourite places in the world, I could watch a florist at work for hours!
This painting captures that beauty. I have kept the primer on the canvas very thin, so the rustic linen texture of the canvas shows through. I imagined the flowers, tape and clippers to be lying on a linen tablecloth, ready to be used for a bouquet!

‘two painters painting the sea’

This painting shows a local painter that I photographed on the beach in Barbados. It is called ‘two painters painting the sea’ because it is not only me painting the sea but also the local painter. He was sitting on the beach with his art materials and was painting a lovely bright painting of the sea!
The amazing turquoisy blue colour of his T-Shirt works so perfectly with the colours of the sea and his own painting, simply amazing.

This painting is now available in my shop!

new small painting: Limes

New painting! It’s another small one!

I had so much fun painting my last small painting (15 x 15 cm, 6″ x 6″) that I couldn’t wait to start the next one. When we were living in California, we had a lime tree in a large pot in our backyard. I enjoyed sitting in a chair in the summer and just looking at these stunning fruits in wonder. They have such bright colours and the leaves are sooo green!

Well, this was painted from a photo I took of that particular lime tree and I chose the background to be a bright blue like the colour of the windows on the Californian house we lived in.

It’s been varnished with a glossy finish, so it’s a bit shiny. And it’s available in my shop!