London and rain

So I finished the ink drawing of the London facade. What do you think?

I suppose it’s a start. It’s crazy how many amazingly detailed facades there are in London. Endless streets to draw… if I were in London right now. Well, I’m planning on going back very very soon, in June actually, so more opportunities to capture my favorite city!

Talking of London… here’s a very simple typography drawing of ‘summer rain’. England is know for its rain even though we recently discovered that it actually doesn’t rain much there at all. It’s true, it rains more in Madrid, Miami and New York than in London. However…. in Miami and Madrid it’s also a lot warmer, more warm summer rain which we wouldn’t mind so much. And in New York it snows a lot more which is included in the precipitation statistics… and I certainly prefer snow to rain which can’t be said of most English people though. Life in England comes to a complete halt when it snows but that’s a whole other story!

I wasn’t really thinking of London when writing the words ‘summer rain’. I was looking out of the window yesterday at the most amazing heavy rain here in Germany. It was that kind of rain that smells good, that makes the air tropical after a warm day and the world somehow looks different and so much greener than after a winter rain… the kind of rain that one could dance in.

Following picture is a photo of a painting in progress. I think it might turn out to be entirely brown… like a vintage postcard… who knows?!

Wishing you all a great week!


London is always a good idea

Hey everyone, once again I’ve been hiding in London.

I visited my sister and godmother in central London which is always amazing… London is always a good idea! The weather was pretty bad (no surprise there) but I enjoyed it anyway and tried to spend as much time as possible inside. Highlights of the trip included visiting a Christmas Fair and looking around the Christmas section at Liberty.

Autumn in Geneva

Ahhh… It gives me such a sense of achievement to post a new painting 🙂

Every painting is a lot of work and when it’s done, I’m excited because I can show it to you and I can move on to the next project. Exactly 8 days ago, my fiancé and I spent the day in Geneva. We visited the Patek Philippe museum and walked around the old town. I took photos of some of the gorgeous old houses there and immediately started painting this one when we got home. I love the autumn leaves framing the house and decided to accent them with some fake gold plating… what better way to bring autumn’s golden light into a painting?!

Some more pictures of the painting in a frame:

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I know some of you like to see how a painting progresses from start to finish, so here’s a short slideshow of the process. I always start out by drawing the complicated parts of the image in pencil. In this case, that was mainly the house and the window details. Usually, when using acrylic paint one should start with the dark colours and finish with the highlights, however, especially when painting houses and landscapes I like to start painting whatever is the furthest in the background first. Basically, I try to paint it like reality made it… I hope that makes sense to you.

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‘Autumn…. the year’s last loveliest smile’ – W. Cullen Bryant

fall and a collection of taps

Good evening! Going for a sunset walk is always great but when it’s fall and the sun shines its golden light onto endless rows of vines, it’s a real treat. This evening I went for a long walk around my Swiss home, the air was so cold it burned my lungs but it was just too beautiful to stay inside.

You can see how low the sun was from my veeeeery long shadow! Haha, I wish my legs were that long.

And here are some of the photos I took for you to see. I love how only the lower leaves of the vines are turning yellow and now and again you see a leaf that’s golden brown.

I’m really getting into the mood for fall at the moment, as you might have noticed! A good friend of mine made some amazing roasted chestnuts for me this morning… incredible. Chestnuts and a cup of tea make for a very cosy combination when it’s pouring with rain outside all morning.

Well, back to my walk. I have realized that the vineyards are full of taps. Most of them are old and rusty and are actually quite interesting. I came across one that looked kind of blue as well as quite a few that were dripping. I hope you’re also enjoying fall, let me know what you think!

Let’s Get Lost

And another collage! This time inspired by traveling. I love linocut printing and I had some old linocut stamps of keys, suitcases and a globe. I also found this piece of beige card stock which just looks so vintage 🙂

Let’s get lost… I often feel like I’ve already gotten lost… how did I end up here in this village doing this? 🙂 Life is so crazy anyway but if I was going to really let everything here go, I suppose I would choose some remote farm in a hot country and live a lonely life surrounded only by animals and wilderness … how cliche for an artist HAHA!

If you could get lost, where would you go?

This original collage is available in my shop.

French Collage

Ok, so this collage doesn’t really go with the season, autumn is coming here and it’s getting cold. However, the collage shows lavender, half a mason jar and bicycles… ups.

Well, now and again I have a day where I try to refresh my French speaking skills. Today is such a day. On the weekend, I borrowed a French learning booklet from a friend so I’ve been reading that!

And I guess French reminds me of Provence, lavender and bicycles 🙂

This original mixed media collage is available in my shop.

Love London Linocut

Hi, back today with some new linocut prints!

I decided to do some more printing and inspired by my recent trip to London, I really enjoyed making this linocut design. The original print is for sale in my shop.  

If you look closely at the photos I took in London which I posted on Friday, you will see that this linocut print is actually a copy of one of those photos. It depicts a very wonderful row of houses in Mayfair.

Hope you love it!

Good Old London

I spent the last couple of days in London. I’ve visited quite often during the last years and grew up there. Despite so many years of living in other places, it still feels like coming home every time!

Wandering around Soho and Mayfair, I tried to capture some of the atmosphere on camera. What really makes London are the small things that are so difficult to capture… the cups of tea, the waiting chauffeurs in Mayfair’s Bentleys, the hidden cafes and its stylish inhabitants.

One of my favourite places is Kingly Court in Soho (the small outdoor courtyard in one of the pictures). The shops here are always changing and include some vintage boutiques, bridal stuff and a nice cafe. This was also where I indulged in that red velvet cupcake!

Btw I was sooo excited to shop at Anthropologie 🙂

I would love to hear about your favourite bits of London?!

last days of summer

Sadly, I think summer might be over. I’m sure autumn will bring some golden sunny days but for now it’s raining. Last week, I was out and about (my parents visited me!) and took some new photos of my beautiful Swiss surroundings. I hope you enjoy them!

Btw I finished a new painting yesterday so pics of that will be coming soon!

where I’ve been hiding

Hello! In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been hiding… I’ve been visiting Ireland!

I actually went on a ten day trip to Ireland with my sister and we were blown away by the country, its friendly people, breathtaking scenery and great pubs! I have returned with lots of inspiration and motivation for my art endeavors. Actually, I’m already working on a new painting of Irland. I’m sure Irland will be a reoccurring theme in my paintings for a while.

Ireland seems mainly populated by artists… ok that’s exaggerating but there are loads! We visited many galleries, potteries and even a leather design studio, so that was all very exciting for me.