hand lettering ventures


I love good quotes and I love hand lettering… so once in a while I attempt to beautifully write a favorite quote. I had to draw everything out in pencil first and then used watercolor.

Don’t you just love this quote? 🙂

Its wise words relate to so many situations and I can think of a lot of things that this quote applies to in my life. Especially in times of change it’s important to ask, step forward and go after what you really want!

A few days ago, I visited one of my neighbors who illustrates books with pretty watercolors of plants and flowers. She gave me a little print of her ‘strawberries’ painting which you can see in the photo on top of the old Roberts radio… it’s such a cute print!

I’ve had the drift wood stick for many years and it has ‘lived’ with me in various apartments. It’s very faded and a few weeks ago I finally had the courage to paint some tribal white patterns on it. I hope you like it! 🙂 My sister gave me the bright blue tea light glasses for Christmas. She knows I love everything blue, so naturally this was a perfect present.

So, my friends, live by these wise words…. I’ll try!


See you back here soon, Rosanna


gift wrapping mini-guide

Gift wrapping is surely one of my favorite things about the holiday season. When others are busy unwrapping their presents and getting excited about the packages’ contents, I’m usually checking out the wrapping and wondering which parts of it to keep for the next season. I even took a small collection of wrapping paper and essentials like glitter with me to Switzerland!

As you can tell, I start looking forward to gift wrapping quite early in the year… so let’s get started with this mini-guide! 

Step 1: Gather up your essentials and any other stuff you might be able to use. You can make your gift wrapping endlessly creative and fancy but today we’re sticking to some simple ideas. I love using kraft paper for wrapping because it’s extremely cheap in comparison to all the super expensive wrapping paper out there and with a few tricks it can work really well.

Step 2: Start by wrapping your gifts in kraft paper. Try to fold visible edges inwards so that the paper looks thicker and then use tape to secure them. Once your gift is wrapped there are two options. Either you now tie a ribbon around it and decorate it more afterwards or you start by decorating it. In this slideshow I tied a ribbon and some jute rope around it first. I like to use jute rope because it feels very rustic and therefore works well with the brown kraft paper. 

Step 3: Now to the really fun part – the decoration. In this example I used gold glitter around the edges of the present and then attached some tags. You can purchase these cute Christmas gnome tags in my shop or make some yourself.

The glitter, ribbons and tags work so well together… this one is finished!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some more examples. The little instructions explain the basics of how I achieved each look. Especially a mixture of different ideas that all incorporate the same materials, the same paper, ribbons and colors will look great under the tree!

Last but definitely not least, I decided to add a little color – icy blue!

The cold blue ribbon goes especially well with the icy glitter that I dotted around this ‘Merry Christmas’ wrapping. The glitter and blue remind me of ice queens and snowflake fairies….  oh I love that theme –  snowflake fairies! 

I think that will be the theme for my Christmas gift wrapping this year. What colors do you think are big this year? 

Stay tuned for more Christmas ideas later in the season!



Christmas Paintings!

Hello! I hope you’re week has gotten off to a good start.

I’ve spent the morning uploading Christmas paintings to my shop and couldn’t wait to share them with you, they’re so cute! It does feel a little early for Christmas stuff to me but I had a few days when I was in a holiday mood and painted these small gnome paintings.

Head over to my shop to see the full versions!

I’m also selling these cute gift tags with golden wooden pegs… I’ve also used these myself to decorate some gift wrapping examples that I’ll be sharing with you later in the week.

I think I’ll spend the rest of today painting, I have so much to do! Have a good Monday!

Let’s Get Lost

And another collage! This time inspired by traveling. I love linocut printing and I had some old linocut stamps of keys, suitcases and a globe. I also found this piece of beige card stock which just looks so vintage 🙂

Let’s get lost… I often feel like I’ve already gotten lost… how did I end up here in this village doing this? 🙂 Life is so crazy anyway but if I was going to really let everything here go, I suppose I would choose some remote farm in a hot country and live a lonely life surrounded only by animals and wilderness … how cliche for an artist HAHA!

If you could get lost, where would you go?

This original collage is available in my shop.

French Collage

Ok, so this collage doesn’t really go with the season, autumn is coming here and it’s getting cold. However, the collage shows lavender, half a mason jar and bicycles… ups.

Well, now and again I have a day where I try to refresh my French speaking skills. Today is such a day. On the weekend, I borrowed a French learning booklet from a friend so I’ve been reading that!

And I guess French reminds me of Provence, lavender and bicycles 🙂

This original mixed media collage is available in my shop.

Love London Linocut

Hi, back today with some new linocut prints!

I decided to do some more printing and inspired by my recent trip to London, I really enjoyed making this linocut design. The original print is for sale in my shop.  

If you look closely at the photos I took in London which I posted on Friday, you will see that this linocut print is actually a copy of one of those photos. It depicts a very wonderful row of houses in Mayfair.

Hope you love it!

collage day!



I can’t remember the last time I made a collage.

It’s actually so much more difficult than I expected! Making this collage today was extremely fun though, it was just great to look through the different materials I have in my cupboards, cut stuff up and I even got to look through some magazines in search for these two lovely women!


My collage was inspired by Los Angeles, old Hollywood glamour and beach, sun and palm trees!

I found THE ribbon!

Hi, wow it’s been so long! I have been busy creating products for my Etsy shop which I want to stock, improve and use for selling my work. coming soon 🙂

As you know I live in Switzerland and today I discovered Swiss painter’s heaven. Hidden just 10 minutes down my road, so far unknown to me, is an amazing store for painting materials wooohoo! I was so excited…

Well, here you can see today’s purchases, five small canvases (from the heavenly store) and THE ribbon! I discovered this ribbon on my way to painter’s heaven in a small shop that sells sewing and knitting materials and is sadly closing down this week :(. Well, so I’m calling this wonderful stripy ribbon THE ribbon because it has been nominated (by myself) as my shop’s official ribbon. Every item that is shipped from my shop will have a bow of this ribbon around it!

You might have already noticed that I love stripes… my blog’s background is stripey!

I have to get back to painting… there’s a large new painting on the way and I want to get a small canvas started, too! Hope you love my stripey ribbon!?!