London and rain

So I finished the ink drawing of the London facade. What do you think?

I suppose it’s a start. It’s crazy how many amazingly detailed facades there are in London. Endless streets to draw… if I were in London right now. Well, I’m planning on going back very very soon, in June actually, so more opportunities to capture my favorite city!

Talking of London… here’s a very simple typography drawing of ‘summer rain’. England is know for its rain even though we recently discovered that it actually doesn’t rain much there at all. It’s true, it rains more in Madrid, Miami and New York than in London. However…. in Miami and Madrid it’s also a lot warmer, more warm summer rain which we wouldn’t mind so much. And in New York it snows a lot more which is included in the precipitation statistics… and I certainly prefer snow to rain which can’t be said of most English people though. Life in England comes to a complete halt when it snows but that’s a whole other story!

I wasn’t really thinking of London when writing the words ‘summer rain’. I was looking out of the window yesterday at the most amazing heavy rain here in Germany. It was that kind of rain that smells good, that makes the air tropical after a warm day and the world somehow looks different and so much greener than after a winter rain… the kind of rain that one could dance in.

Following picture is a photo of a painting in progress. I think it might turn out to be entirely brown… like a vintage postcard… who knows?!

Wishing you all a great week!


black & white

Wow, it’s been foreeeever!

I don’t have any excuses for my absence but I hope to make posting my artwork on here routine again. I recently bought some pigment ink pens and have been experimenting. It’s very impressive how good these pens are, I’ve tried to smudge them on purpose and they really are un-smudgable! So here are some fun little drawings….

I also took the pens to London and started drawing the beautiful house facades opposite to my window. This drawing is still in progress but I’m itching to finish it because I think it might turn out quite well…. which would mean that I’ll probably get addicted to these pens and you’ll be seeing a lot more black & white drawings!