green apple and graphite

Now that I’m going to art class again, I’ve been using some new techniques and new materials. This drawing is done with graphite powder and is actually painted with a brush onto beige paper. I really enjoy this technique and have already started my next graphite-painting which’ll be more architectural.

The little boy turned out slightly thinner than I had in mind but at least he’s eating an apple so he’ll be fine! : )

If you look closely at the bottom of the wall behind the boy, you’ll see a cool effect that happened here by accident. When using graphite powder on slippery paper, you can dribble water over it, let it sink in a little and then wipe the water off with a cloth. I had painted some brick-like pattern and then covered it is darker graphite. The pattern became partly visible when I wiped over it. The blodges and droplets in the background were also done with this technique.


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