green apple and graphite

Now that I’m going to art class again, I’ve been using some new techniques and new materials. This drawing is done with graphite powder and is actually painted with a brush onto beige paper. I really enjoy this technique and have already started my next graphite-painting which’ll be more architectural.

The little boy turned out slightly thinner than I had in mind but at least he’s eating an apple so he’ll be fine! : )

If you look closely at the bottom of the wall behind the boy, you’ll see a cool effect that happened here by accident. When using graphite powder on slippery paper, you can dribble water over it, let it sink in a little and then wipe the water off with a cloth. I had painted some brick-like pattern and then covered it is darker graphite. The pattern became partly visible when I wiped over it. The blodges and droplets in the background were also done with this technique.


an old painting

This is an old painting, actually a few years old that I painted for my dad on his 50th birthday. It’s pretty large and hangs above the stairs in my parents’ house. Since I’m temporarily living there at the moment, I walk past it all the time and realized today that I should really mention it on my blog… it’s beautiful.

I love the colors and her relaxed pose. The painting speaks of strong feminine women in trench coats and high heels. I think I’ll paint some more like this one some day.

Have a good week everyone x Rosanna

geometric craziness

Happy Wednesday everyone, half the week is over already!

So, recently I’ve been doing some more watercolor painting. When layering watercolor, it can look a little like layered colored glass. I suppose I was inspired by a dear new friend of mine (you know who you are 😉 who has a huge talent for architecture and loves geometric patterns and glass.

When sunlight falls through tree leaves it produces lots of little shadows that cross each other and make funny patterns on the ground. I imagined these patterns being broken up by window pains which resulted in a painting that also reminds me of sea glass (below top right). As you can see, when painting the bottom painting l was thinking of icicles.



new colorful painting!

Yay, it’s been a long time since I painted something this colorful!

The basket was a challenge that my art teacher gave me… she knew it would be especially difficult to get the woven structure right. And it was.

I love the colors, they remind me of hot summers in Southern France, terra-cotta pots and bright white summer light. I can nearly hear the crickets in the background, the gurgling sounds of a blue pool surrounded by Aloe Vera plants… I hope you can imagine it, too.

I still have a lot of winter ahead of me here but I’m already impatiently awaiting spring, the sun and summer!