bridal illustration

Recently, I have become more interested in illustration and aim to practice some techniques. Also recently, after getting engaged at the beginning of the year (yippii!), I have  started thinking about wedding stuff… and really love this look.

I suppose drawing and then painting it has made me like it even more… I wonder whether I could pull this one off?! 🙂



collage day!



I can’t remember the last time I made a collage.

It’s actually so much more difficult than I expected! Making this collage today was extremely fun though, it was just great to look through the different materials I have in my cupboards, cut stuff up and I even got to look through some magazines in search for these two lovely women!


My collage was inspired by Los Angeles, old Hollywood glamour and beach, sun and palm trees!

New Painting ‘Fenced Freedom’

My newest painting was (as predicted) inspired by my trip to Ireland. It depicts a traditional cottage on Blasket Island which is a beautiful but abandoned island. During my trip I encountered quite a lot of barbed wire, often fencing off lovely green meadows, so I’m glad that this painting reminds me of that. The fog coming in over the hills gives it a slightly sad feel. I’m a great fan of fog, mist and generally bad weather!

I hope you like it, too!

It’s for sale in my shop now and prints will be coming soon.

Here are some close-ups:

last days of summer

Sadly, I think summer might be over. I’m sure autumn will bring some golden sunny days but for now it’s raining. Last week, I was out and about (my parents visited me!) and took some new photos of my beautiful Swiss surroundings. I hope you enjoy them!

Btw I finished a new painting yesterday so pics of that will be coming soon!

abstract fun

Now and again I come across an abstract painting that I love. However, I haven’t really painted much abstract and therefore haven’t got any practice. Yesterday I decided to change that and actually like the results. It’s so fun to do something colorful and cheerful!

I doubt I’ll ever become an abstract painter but let me know what you think!

where I’ve been hiding

Hello! In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been hiding… I’ve been visiting Ireland!

I actually went on a ten day trip to Ireland with my sister and we were blown away by the country, its friendly people, breathtaking scenery and great pubs! I have returned with lots of inspiration and motivation for my art endeavors. Actually, I’m already working on a new painting of Irland. I’m sure Irland will be a reoccurring theme in my paintings for a while.

Ireland seems mainly populated by artists… ok that’s exaggerating but there are loads! We visited many galleries, potteries and even a leather design studio, so that was all very exciting for me.