I found THE ribbon!

Hi, wow it’s been so long! I have been busy creating products for my Etsy shop which I want to stock, improve and use for selling my work. coming soon 🙂

As you know I live in Switzerland and today I discovered Swiss painter’s heaven. Hidden just 10 minutes down my road, so far unknown to me, is an amazing store for painting materials wooohoo! I was so excited…

Well, here you can see today’s purchases, five small canvases (from the heavenly store) and THE ribbon! I discovered this ribbon on my way to painter’s heaven in a small shop that sells sewing and knitting materials and is sadly closing down this week :(. Well, so I’m calling this wonderful stripy ribbon THE ribbon because it has been nominated (by myself) as my shop’s official ribbon. Every item that is shipped from my shop will have a bow of this ribbon around it!

You might have already noticed that I love stripes… my blog’s background is stripey!

I have to get back to painting… there’s a large new painting on the way and I want to get a small canvas started, too! Hope you love my stripey ribbon!?!


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