some great Etsy finds! ‘Caribbean Dream’

I have made a collection of some great Caribbean-inspired Etsy items. They will make you dream of a beach vacation and soft blue tones!

Take a look by clicking on following link 🙂


new painting! ‘Wisteria in Lutry’

‘Wisteria in Lutry’ was painted from a photo I took in a nearby village called Lutry. These little village houses overlook the lake and are surely some of the most beautiful homes around here! I would certainly love to live in one!

They have pretty little gardens in front and lots and lots of wisteria. I love wisteria and its pretty colours!


This is actually an acrylic painting on thick watercolour paper. The sheet of paper measures 28 x 37 cm (11″ x 15″) and the painting itself measures 21 x 21 cm (8″ x 8″).

If you are interested in the process of this painting, take a look at following slideshow! I started off drawing a rough sketch with pencil. Then I painted the background wall colour, the shadows and then the details. I painted the plants last and they were the most challenging since I have very little practice painting plants! Well, luckily I didn’t mess it up and it all turned out well.

So well actually that I have decided to keep the original. However, I will be selling prints soon… I’m getting an amazing printer in two weeks time… can’t wait!

What do you think? Could this be the prettiest village on earth?

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electric boats are too slow!

Hi, I hope you’re feeling happy! I certainly am since I just got back from a nice evening spent with my man on Lake Geneva Switzerland on a small electric boat!

We knew it would be a slow boat but it was soooo slow. It was so slow, it actually physically frustrated me! 🙂 We rented it for an hour and sadly towards the end I felt quite queasy. My fiance dreams of owning a boat some day but I am quite unsure.

Below is a photo of this little boat…


Don’t you just LOVE this photo of a nautical knot!?!

I think it might be a good photo to paint. I will think about it!


We passed some hardworking rowers on a very old-fashioned boat… they smiled and waved at us as they rushed past us (yes, they were much faster than us!).

As my dinner, I took a small French pastry on the boat… yumm yumm! Pastry tastes even better with a view like this one :).

painting: ‘Floristry’

I have always admired florists for their beautiful work. Flower shops are some of my favourite places in the world, I could watch a florist at work for hours!
This painting captures that beauty. I have kept the primer on the canvas very thin, so the rustic linen texture of the canvas shows through. I imagined the flowers, tape and clippers to be lying on a linen tablecloth, ready to be used for a bouquet!

‘two painters painting the sea’

This painting shows a local painter that I photographed on the beach in Barbados. It is called ‘two painters painting the sea’ because it is not only me painting the sea but also the local painter. He was sitting on the beach with his art materials and was painting a lovely bright painting of the sea!
The amazing turquoisy blue colour of his T-Shirt works so perfectly with the colours of the sea and his own painting, simply amazing.

This painting is now available in my shop!

new small painting: Limes

New painting! It’s another small one!

I had so much fun painting my last small painting (15 x 15 cm, 6″ x 6″) that I couldn’t wait to start the next one. When we were living in California, we had a lime tree in a large pot in our backyard. I enjoyed sitting in a chair in the summer and just looking at these stunning fruits in wonder. They have such bright colours and the leaves are sooo green!

Well, this was painted from a photo I took of that particular lime tree and I chose the background to be a bright blue like the colour of the windows on the Californian house we lived in.

It’s been varnished with a glossy finish, so it’s a bit shiny. And it’s available in my shop!


Two nights ago I was, as I do on most days, looking through the Etsy blogs and came across an article called ‘5 Ways to Define and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms’ (see the link at the bottom of this post!). #1 of this article asks the reader to create their own land and offers a worksheet

So, I printed out the worksheet and created Rosanna-Land :). Following sketch shows you a snapshot of Rosanna-Land, made up of a farm-style house, a bright studio in an outbuilding, a bike, a dog and signs to a garden and pool. Doesn’t it look brilliant?!

… I kind of felt like I was 12 again, drawing dream-homes and lives!


After having completed the worksheet, I was able to filter out three important small steps that can take me toward achieving my version of success:

1. be more optimistic / positiv

2. show friends and family more love

3. work hard and do things my way

Well, now I can try to implement these three steps more in my life! Let’s see how it goes 🙂

link to Etsy article:


succulent in blue jar

This beautiful small painting is now available in my shop!

I love succulents, they remind me of California. They are perfect plants, so easy to look after, pretty AND prickly! And there are sooo many different types!


And here are some photos showing the process of painting this! I started off drawing the chevron pattern in pencil, then coloured it in light grey and then drew out the jar and succulent. I painted the jar first and then every leaf individually. I love the fresh happy colours!

Beautiful Lake Geneva

The last two days I have had family visiting me in Switzerland, so I have been busy showing them around. The Lake Geneva region is so stunning, I just have to share some of the photos I took with you!

The amazing thing is that here Swiss perfection meets French charme and it works!